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I’ve seen the incredible contribution that Nesil has made to local government, showing the difference that Labour can make in power. She understands the challenges that councils face – that’s why I’m backing Nesil to be next Leader of LGA Labour.
Cllr Georgia Gould
Leader of Camden Council, Chair of London Councils
Nesil is a brilliant Labour Leader, her personal support for our recent victory in Medway was outstanding. She would be a superb Labour Group Leader being a great champion for Labour councillors in both opposition or in power.
Cllr Vince Maple
Leader of Medway Council
I've worked with Nesil for a number of years on the LGA safer stronger communities board and have seen that she is an exceptional leader. She has the drive and capabilities to be an outstanding leader of the LGA Labour Group, working with our chair Cllr Shaun Davies to deliver the Labour Local Government agenda forward to government.
Cllr James Dawson
Leader of Erewash Borough Council
I’m delighted to endorse my NEC colleague Nesil for LGA group leader. You know how well she leads her council, and her strong leadership of her LGA Board. I’m always impressed by her fearlessness, preparedness and articulacy in making the case for councils and councillors - the essence of this particular brand of leadership.
Cllr Tudor Evans
Leader of Plymouth Council

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About Me

Born and raised in Enfield where I am now Leader of the Council, I grew up under a Labour government but in a Conservative borough. I know firsthand how important local Labour leadership is to my community, and I saw the difference that a Labour council can make.

As a Labour Party member for 20 years and local councillor since 2015 — I am an experienced campaigner, and know how to fight the Tories and win. In 2018 I was elected Enfield’s first woman leader of the Council.

Since then, I’ve led a council that is on local people’s side — fighting against Tory cuts, delivering high-quality public services that support the most vulnerable, and working hard to deliver real life chances to everyone in the Borough.

Under my leadership, we’ve insourced services, begun an ambitious rewilding and biodiversity project to make Enfield the greenest borough in London, and returned the Council to its historic role as a builder of affordable homes with a plan to build 10,000 over the next 15 years.

I’ve taken on regional and national leadership roles as London Councils Executive Member for Health, Wellbeing and Adult Care as well as the Chair of the LGA Safer & Stronger Communities Board. I know all too well the damage that the Tories have done to Labour’s NHS, the social care system, and the devastating impact that crime has on communities.

And I’ve been your representative on the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee, championing our experience as local leaders and making sure local ideas inspire national change.

As your LGA Labour Leader, my priority is to keep winning for Labour in local government so we can show the difference that Labour makes in power, and make sure Labour councils are the delivery arm of the next Labour government.

Nesil Caliskan

My Experience
Labour activist for 20 years and councillor since 2015
First woman leader
of Enfield Council
Your NEC rep since 2022 — championing local leadership to
the national party
Experienced at fighting
the Tories and winning
Secured millions to start
building council homes
Insourced services like
housing repairs to
deliver for local people

My Priorities

As Labour LGA Leader, I will deliver on national matters, such as:

I know how to fight the Tories and win, and lead a council that is on local people’s side  – delivering change and improving the life chances of everyone.

We need to win power and keep it, ensuring Labour Groups have the skills and resources to champion their work, win and maintain the voters trust.

We have a proud history in local government, from building council homes to improving the health of our communities.

Now we need Labour councils to be the best examples of Labour in power, so that we can deliver together with the next Labour government and build a better Britain.

The LGA under a Labour leadership should champion best-practice and help councils deliver change, so our local ideas can inspire national change from the next Labour government.

Labour councils change lives for the better. But we can only do so much under a Tory government after 13 years of cuts.

To win the next General Election, the Labour Party needs us. Labour councillors are the core campaigners of the Party.

We need to make sure we make ourselves election ready in the year ahead — using the talents and ideas of local councillors to win, and make the Party use our experience as local leaders.

Under Keir Starmer’s leadership, the Labour Party has already made radical pledges to devolve power to local communities.

The Take Back Control Bill has the potential to change the balance of power in this country away from Westminster and Whitehall to every corner of our country.

We need to make sure the next manifesto uses our experience of responsible spending, delivery of high-quality services, and securing real change in our communities.

Together, in local and national government, Labour can build a better Britain.

I was proud to be the first woman, ethnic minority leader of my council, as well as the youngest woman leader in the country when I was first elected.

I want to see the LGA nurture the diverse talent in our Labour Groups, ensuring more of our communities see themselves represented in their leaders.

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